Project C05 - Efficient On-Chip Antennas for THz Systems

Principal Investigator: Dr. Andreas Rennings, UDE

During the 1st phase of MARIE, an automatic characterization system for mm-wave antennas based on spherical positioning has been developed. It features network-analysis based far field and S-parameter measurement, currently up to 330 GHz, depending on the used frequency extender. The antenna under test is centered in a spherical coordinate system and fed by either on-wafer probe or waveguide, whereas the receiving antenna moves along the surface of the hemisphere, enabling a far field measurement of amplitude and phase pattern [1].


Fig. 1: Wave-guide connection of R&S ZC330 millimeter-wave converter and RF-probe that is

probing the chip antenna located on the chuck



Fig. 2: Receiving horn antenna directly connected to millimeter-wave converter (in the front) and RF-probe above wafer-chuck (in the back).


Fig. 3: Bird's eye perspective onto WAMS.

Selected Project-related publications

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[1] B. Sievert, J. T. Svejda, D. Erni, and A. Rennings, "Spherical mm-wave/THz antenna measurement system," IEEE Access, vol. 8, (DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2020.2993698), pp. 89680-89691, May 11, 2020.