Project C02 - Resonant Integrated Circuits with On-Chip Antenna

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Nils Pohl, RUB / Prof. Dr. Nils Weimann, UDE

The vision of C02 is to control the phase and the frequency of electronic THz oscillators with integrated on-chip antennas in a mobile application setting. We aim at system-on-a-chips for compact and energy-efficient power generation with beam forming and beam steering capabilities in the range of 0.5 THz < f < 1.5 THz using injection locked oscillator arrays.

C02 is researching central scientific questions toward mobile THz emitters with a strong focus on technology from chip level up to system integration. The targeted final configuration is the heterogeneous integration of complementary - and in their application space highest performing – Indium-Phosphide and Silicon device technologies on a SiGe BiCMOS platform using chip-to-chip bump techniques. The research objectives of C02 in MARIE's 2nd phase are:

◼ Research and fabrication of arrayed antenna-integrated InP resonant tunnelling diodes and of InP THz transistors for application in injection-locked THz oscillators.

◼ Frequency stabilization of oscillating Indium-Phosphide THz power sources by injection locking and THz phased locked loops, controllable by silicon-based circuits, suitable for beam steering.

◼ Chip-to-chip hetero-integration of Indium-Phosphide oscillators with complex SiGe circuits to form on-chip THz systems suitable for detection and localization on a mobile platform.

The work programme will be enabled by intense collaboration with MARIE projects C01-05, C07, M01, S01-02, and VERIE. C02 will provide chips for energy efficient electronic THz beam generation, enabling MARIE's vision to sense and localize with increased range in a mobile system.

Project-related publications

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