Research Data Management

Within MARIE, a large amount of data about material properties, wave propagation, chip construction,
and overall system solutions has been developed and is the foundation for a comprehensive knowledge
base, which will be a reference for future engineering challenges in the THz frequency range. The
VERIE-project therefore aims at building up and providing the necessary database, which collects and
cross-links this information to achieve the Mobile Material Transceiver vision – not just for storage
purposes, but to make it available for current and future THz scientists.

Primary concern of the VERIE-project is therefore an internal database VERIE-DATA,
which tightly interconnects scientific testimony and findings with corresponding primary data and data
flows. Accordingly, it addresses data models, semantic descriptions and workflows underlying the
VERIE-philosophy, a multidisciplinary approach for VERIfying research data with MARIE.
All 20 MARIE projects contribute to the VERIE-project and VERIE-DATA, which provides internal data
exchange and data curation for a future publication.