RDM Tools

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Nextcloud is a versatile and secure open-source platform that proves invaluable for research collaboration within the CRC MARIE. This powerful tool facilitates seamless sharing and synchronization of files, fostering efficient collaboration among researchers. With robust features such as document editing, calendar integration, and real-time communication, Nextcloud streamlines the workflow, ensuring a cohesive and organized approach to collaborative research endeavors. 


Dataverse is a web-based platform designed for effective research data management, providing a robust and secure environment for storing, sharing, and publishing datasets. Researchers can use Dataverse to organize their data in a structured manner, ensuring easy retrieval and collaboration with peers. During the second phase of the MARIE CRC, the INF project established a central research data repository built on the Dataverse. The MARIE Dataverse serves as a central data exchange and archiving platform usable by all members of the consortium. The metadata enrichment provided by Dataverse, employing a bespoke metadata schema tailored to the needs of the CRC, enables easy reuse of the deposited data sets and ensures a minimal documentation standard for archival. The manual for MARIE Dataverse can be accessed within MARIE Nextcloud by navigating to "Documents" -> "Instruction" -> "Dataverse".


eLabFTW serves as a digital laboratory notebook, allowing researchers to document experiments, record observations, and store data in a secure and collaborative online environment. It emphasizes data integrity, reproducibility, and collaboration, making it a valuable tool for academic research teams. Users can customize experiments, attach files, and collaborate with colleagues, fostering efficient and transparent scientific workflows.