Research Data Management

Within MARIE, a large amount of data about material properties, wave propagation, chip construction, and overall system solutions has been developed and is the foundation for a comprehensive knowledge base, which will be a reference for future engineering challenges in the THz frequency range. The VERIE-project therefore aims at building up and providing the necessary database, which collects and cross-links this information to achieve the Mobile Material Transceiver vision – not just for storage purposes, but to make it available for current and future THz scientists.

To support the organization's research data infrastructure and management, the INF project offers a meticulously planned and organized strategy. This approach aims to handle, analyze, and disseminate scientific data generated by CRC projects. It ensures efficient data storage and sharing through Nextcloud and Coscine, adopts the electronic laboratory notebook, eLabFTW as well as GitLab for documentation and collaboration, and establishes a central information platform called Dataverse. This platform integrates all research data, complete with enriched metadata and documentation.