MARIE is looking for new PhD candidates from January 2021.

The following projects have open positions (click on the project ID for further details on the project):

Project C02, Components for High Frequency Electronics

Project C04, Electromagnetic Field Theory / Antenna Technology

Project C06, Photonic THz Systems, Spectroscopy, Classification Algorithms  

Project C07, Photonic THz Systems, Spectroscopy, Classification Algorithms 

Project M01, Material Characterization

Project M02, Radar Imaging, Material Characterization

Project M03, Computational Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic Metamaterials

Project M04, Radar Imaging, Material Characterization

Project S02, Convex Optimization, Machine Learing, Pytorch 

Project S03, Computational Electromagnetics / Electromagnetic Metamaterials / Antenna Arrays / Reflectarrays / MIMO, Radar Signal Processing

Project S04, Radiolocation, Signal Processing

Project S05, Real-Time Material Map

For the detailed job posting please click here (German) or here (English).

Please send your application mentioning up to three projects you are interested in via mail to munisch.wadwa(at)uni-due(dot)de until February 28th 2021. 

Fellowships for graduate students

MARIE offers 5 paid fellowships per year with a duration of 12 months to young scientists from all over the world. For further information or your full application contact the MARIE coordination office or directly the corresponding principal investigator.